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Jenni Land lives in rural Alberta, Canada. When her husband of many years resorts to buying himself a one-way ticket to Arizona in the dead of winter, her life takes a difficult turn. A Norwegian expat, Jenni, needs to thaw the cold stories of her Oslo upbringing and through the warmth and friendship of two other women, the young journalist Siren and Summer, an older woman from  England, Jenni can potentially find a new beginning. This novel explores the themes of hope, faith, and finding one´s own path in life. It also brings you the possibly most exciting bear attack description in contemporary literature and toys with the idea of what constitutes a quirky character in introducing a talking parrot on page 1:)

Novel, published in 2016


This novel is set in Prague where Ellen Tobiassen from Oslo spends a summer with her artist father and his new family. Ellen embarks on a journey through her own life when she tries to find the right path to understanding what happened to her grandmother in Prague during the Soviet invasion in August 1968. This novel draws on politics and art in developing the central family relations theme.

Novel, published in 2013


Moira Scott travels to South America to climb one of the world´s seven highest summits. She can handle the high peak, Aconcagua, but falls short of dealing with the lows in her own life. Joining a Norwegian- Danish mountain expedition, Moira is forced to encounter her own inner landscape of fear, courage and loss. Will Moira find her own wings or is she like the swifts, the high flying birds that can nest and land in high places, but are crippled if they land on flat ground?

Novel, published in 2007


A story of two riddles. Young and talented physicist Henriette Wiklund inherits her grandfather´s archives and his secrets, including a mathematical problem attached to an old Christmas card and a poem with no known author.  The hunt for the perfect solution to a famous mathematical problem takes Henriette to London and Oslo and to unexpected enounters with two people that will change her life if she has the courage to let them.

Novel, publised in 2004

SELMA- illustrated children´s book

A book about how to relate to changing emotions. Selma is about to start school when she and her family are faced with her father´s sudden illness.  Selma´s emotions, Happy, Sad, Angry and Afraid, change their shapes and sizes as Selma learns to cope with conflicting emotions in a crisis situation. Beautifully illustrated by Ragnhild Gjerstad.

Children´s book, published in 2008

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